Diamond Wooden Band Ring

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We create designer jewellery for men and women in a brand new combination of leather & wood with subtle touches of diamonds.

Our catalogue ranges from men's and women's bracelets to diamond wooden rings and pendants for both him & her in different colours and finishes from rose gold & copper to chrome finish. We use the finest quality premium full grain leather, which is supposedly the most superior grade of leather available, while genuine leather, which is more commonly used, is actually the third grade of leather.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted to perfection to reveal the finest grains of Indian rosewood combined with the most beautiful shades of leather to bring out the best in you.

Just a diamond wooden ring, plain and simple, because sometimes simple can also be classy.

Each bracelet is studded with a .06 to .07 carat (Weight slightly varying piece to piece) NATURAL double cut diamond. Shades varying from champagne to light brown.

*Certificate of authenticity provided. 


NOTE: Our sizes are in millimeters, they're NOT GENERAL RING SIZES. It'll be the inner diameter of the ring in millimeters.




Don't worry! We'll help you measure it! 


Please see the SIZING GUIDE IMAGES to figure out your size. There are 2 simple ways we can suggest.

1. The ring method

This is the easy one AND MORE ACCURATE. (Assuming you already have a ring that fits you well) 

Simply measure the INNER diameter of the ring that fits your finger comfortably. (As shown in the image)

 Make sure you measure just the inner diameter, don't be a silly goose!


how to measure your ring size


Don't have a ring that fits you well already? 

Don't worry, we still got you covered. Try method 2.


2. The scale method

Measure the thickness of your fingers by LOOSELY placing a scale over your fingers. (From both the angles as shown in the image)

If you're an average male, 20-21mm size usually fits well.If you're an average female, 17mm-18mm size usually fits well.

Just make sure you measure from the correct 90* angles, the top view and the side view and you measure the thickness end-to-end as shown. 

How to measure your ring size without a ring or a ring sizer, ring sizing guide


These 2 methods should give a rough idea of the inner diameter which would fit you. You can further convert the inner diameter to ring sizes using the charts below. 


Indian Ring sizes



International Ring sizes



If you're an average male, 20-21mm size usually fits well.If you're an average female, 16-17mm size usually fits well.


Still confused? Don't worry. You'd receive a confirmation text over Whatsapp or a general call regarding your size before the order is shipped. 


NOTE: Don't do any heavy lifting wearing the wooden ring as it may put an impact on the ring and it may break as wood is brittle. So, no weightlifting, no tight gripping wearing the rings (like No gym, no biking)
Washing it would have an impact on the polish of wood so DO NOT WASH.

Prices are inclusive of taxes 

You'll get a confirmation and shipping details over email or Whatsapp once you place the order. 

International FREE shipping & delivery takes 2-3 weeks usually.

International Express Shipping takes around a week to 10 days.

Tracking number available. 

All India shipping & delivery usually within a week. 

For any queries regarding shipping, feel free to contact us over social media or Whatsapp.