Our Story

Growing up here, in Jaipur, I always found myself surrounded with all sorts of art, craftsmanship & fine jewellery. I was intrigued by the idea of handcrafting and soon found myself indulged. You could always find me with a different project on my hands that would involve refurbishing old wooden furniture, creating huge sketches on the walls of our house or trying out new concepts & techniques in  sketching, painting, leather crafting, even sculpting. I had found my healthy creative addictions.

Whilst at all this, I just happened to stumble upon this unusual new design path where I started off handcrafting jewellery by simply playing around with leather & wood pairing the two with stones & eventually, studding them with champagne diamonds.

& Here it is right now, a homegrown brand to the very core, one that started off with me crafting accessories all day long in my own bedroom during the lockdown,

to me moving out to the garage and building my own den!

I figured I'd design and get it done in the most custom way possible, designing the whole layout, custom lighting, furniture & whatnot,

but it turned out to be more than just that when my carpenters decided that they won't show up on time and me taking things in my own hands, both literally and figuratively & ending up doing all the woodwork myself.

Believe it or not, I built this door too.

So basically, It all began with a childhood crafting obsession that was further explored,enhanced and perfected all thanks to the free time during the lockdown.

& Now we offer premium handcrafted jewellery with a stunningly unique amalgamation of diamonds with leather & wood.
- Antriksh Gandhi